Videos of Past Productions

Airdrie Family Theatre® is pleased to present some short video clips of some of our live stage productions. The productions represented are in reverse chronological order, so the first set of clips is of our 2009/10 production of "Irricana Joan & the Missing Treasure of PHUM", which was presented in January 2010 at the Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie. We also have several clips from our stage presentations of "Pirates of Jilligan's Island" (2008/09), "Clueless" (2007/08), "The Rescue" (2006/07), and "Robin Who" (2005/06).

We hope that you will take the time to view them, and hope you enjoy them as much as the children enjoyed taking part in the stage productions.

After you have viewed these clips, and for information about our new 2010/11 live stage production, and on how you and your children can get involved, please visit our Happenings page and our Bulletin Board page..

Have fun and enjoy the video clips!

Irricana Joan & the Missing Treasure of PHUM - 2009/10 - Video Clips

Please note that we are just compiling the videos for this production, so check back again as we add more videos!

PHUM - Opening Dance
"King Tut"

PHUM - Junior Group
Ending Montage

The Pirates of Jilligan's Island - 2008/09 - Video Clips

Pirates - Video Montage
(A nice overview!)

Pirates - Love Song

Pirates - The Cannon

Pirates - Jilligan
and The Boat

Pirates - "They Couldn't
Get Along Without Me"

Pirates - Meet the Cast!
A video photo montage.

Pirates - Credits and Acknowledgements

Clueless - 2007/08 - Video Clips

Learning Overture Dance

Practicing Dance Routine

Dressing Room Pre-Show

Clueless - Act 1(a)

Clueless - Act 1(b)

Clueless - Act 1(c)

The Rescue - 2006/07 - Video Clips

Rescue - Montage
(A nice overview!)

Rescue - The Kidnapping - of both girl and bell!

Rescue - Escaping the Saw

Rescue - Behind The Scenes

Rescue - Video Photo Montage of the Cast

Rescue - Credits

Robin Who - 2005/06 - Video Clips

Robin - Montage
(A nice overview - with Credits!)

Robin - Crossing The Log

Robin - The Swordfight

Robin - Visiting Maid Marion

Robin - Video02

Robin - Video 03

Please keep checking back for more videos to be added!

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