Our Picture Gallery
for "Pirates of Jilligan's Island", our 2008/09 Production.

Airdrie Family Theatre® is pleased to present some photos of our 2008/09 live stage production of Pirates of Jilligan's Island, presented in January, 2009 at the Bert Church Live Theatre. You'll see pics from behind-the-scenes, dress rehearsals, performances, and post-performance when the young actors mix with the audience and sign autographs. At the bottom of the page are thumbnail links to larger images of all the young members of the cast.

Just click on any image to view a larger version.

(And don't forget to visit our Videos link (above) to see some short video clips from this - and our other - productions!)

We hope you enjoy these images of these talented young actors!


The Cast

Thumbnails of the Cast members are presented below in the order
in which they appeared in the play.

Click a thumnail to view a full image of that actor with their name
and the name of the character they played!





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