Encouraging Children To Reach For The Stars   

Airdrie Family Theatre® is Airdrie’s original children’s Broadway style production group and remains the area’s only children’s theatre group that actually produces Full length, Three Act, Broadway Style plays in which the entire cast is made up of children. Airdrie Family Theatre has been proudly serving the children of Airdrie and area since 2004.

Airdrie Family Theatre® is a community oriented group that uses live theatre to embolden young people to strive to reach their fullest potential. At Airdrie Family Theatre, young people between the ages of 6 and 14 spend several months learning the ins and outs of theatre as they prepare to stage a full length, three-act, Broadway style play. It’s hard work and takes dedication and commitment by the children as well as their parents, but the rewards are worth it.

Children come away from their Airdrie Family Theatre experience having learned valuable life lessons such as good work habits, an understanding of the importance of teamwork and the realization that hard work and persistence lead to success. They acquire a sense of community spirit and, most importantly, they develop self-confidence, poise and self-esteem.

The requirement for parental participation in some aspect of the production, gives families the opportunity to work and play together while benefiting the community as a whole. A portion of the proceeds from each production is earmarked for other worthwhile community groups or projects. In this way, the children who are benefiting from their involvement with Airdrie Family Theatre are helping the very community that they are asking to support them. They are receiving and giving back at the same time! How cool is that?

For more information on Airdrie Family Theatre®, to find out how your kids can get involved, or to volunteer to help with the next production (WE ALWAYS NEED VOLUNTEERS), call us at 980-0301.

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